Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday around the nest...

Happy Friday!  It was my birthday yesterday so Kyran came home with Roses for me:)

I dotted them around the nest rather than putting them all in one vase, that way I can see them wherever I go!

I got this and the other little bud vase above for 50 cents each at a thrift shop up the road.  I love going in there!  It's run by the sweetest little old ladies and they take such care with everything, wrapping things up so nothing breaks.

More in a little sugar bowl.

I've been working on building up my pretty dish collection!  Nothing we'd use on a daily basis but they're so pretty to look at and I definitely do plan on using them at some point.  I also added a little rose to my dish rack up on the left:)

My MIL sent me these gorgeous candle sticks for my birthday.  I wasn't able to get the true color to show in a picture but they're a lavender shade!  I am in love with them and lit them immediately!  My MIL was telling me that any old glass you leave in the sun will turn this shade or, if it's already this shade, the sun will darken it.  Good to know!  Oh, BTW, that is not dirt on my wall by the sconce...It's just some stucco that shows up that way in pics, I swear!

Some dried roses from a few months ago.

And more pretty plates with my cherubs:)

I got these pretty etched champagne glasses at the thrift shop up the road also, only $1 each.

Hung two of my cherubs on the hall tree with some RA fabric:)

More lavender in the bedroom.  On Instagram, Michelle from PetiteMichelleLouise was showing some of her treasures with quotes from Jane Austen novels on them so it inspired me to print some out on pretty backgrounds and put them in a couple of my frames.

I rescued the little cherub with the candle from another thrift shop last month, he was only 50 cents.  He had a twin that I should have bought but, for some reason, I only got the one.

Oh, I almost forgot this one!  I got this pretty botanical print for $3 at the thrift shop also:)  I think it goes so perfectly with the pillow I got from Vanessa!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dreaming Shabby Giveaway!

Vanessa from Dreaming Shabby is having a giveaway!  All you have to do is visit her blog HERE and leave a comment.  I chose not to enter because of the lovely treasures I have already received from her but am wishing good luck to those who do enter!!!

It's open to U.S. residents until Tuesday, June 17th:)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A dear blogging buddy...

Last week, my bloggy buddy Vanessa from Dreaming Shabby so very kindly offered to make me slipcovers for my dining room chairs.  She's such a wonderful seamstress so I was anxiously awaiting these!

They fit perfectly and the gorgeous RA pattern she chose was just the little pop of color these chairs needed:)

Vanessa's offer came for no other reason than friendship and I was so very touched by that!  Adding on top of that the fact that she handmade these...I will treasure them forever.  Thank you so much Vanessa!

I love them!!!

Vanessa also surprised me with this beautiful pillow slipcover!

It fits in wonderfully with my living room colors:)  Hehe, I always chuckle at Kyran's little recliner in its awkward position but he loves that thing!  
Oh, I do realize the lace on my coffee table could use a good pressing but I dread taking the iron out so it's been put on hold:)

Also, another shout out to Stephanie from The Spanish Dahlia, as she was featured again!  This time in a French magazine called Shabby Style.  I was so happy to get my hands on a copy!  Congratulations Stephanie!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Feeling Collage-y!

 Rather than post tons of pics that take forever to scroll through, I decided to make some collages instead.  I did some moving around of things in our bedroom last week:)

 I found a tutorial for some Mermaid necklaces on the Graphics Fairy and thought they were so cute, I had to make a couple!  Also used some of my Sanibel shells form last week to decorate with.

Memorial Day weekend, RA offered free shipping on her website so I couldn't resist ordering some of the napkins!  Middle photo is a dried rose from a couple of months ago.  On the right, a shelf in our bedroom with the cutest little oil painting I found!

We had this big gap between the dining area and the front door so my ingenious husband hung a shower curtain rod and I put some sheers up just to add some prettiness!

Happy almost Friday!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sanibel Island

 Kyran had the day off yesterday so we went out to Sanibel Island for a few hours.

 The first 4 photo's were from this trip and the rest are from previous visits.

 The word that pops into my head when we go there is "idyllic"!

I didn't do too well with my shelling this time, only a small amount.

Until next time Sanibel Island!!!